Greenpeace’s Failed Attempt to Have the Inuits Front for Its Agenda

Greenpeace has made repeated attempts to curtail seismic exploration in the waters off Nunavut in the eastern Canadian Arctic.

In doing so Greenpeace made biased  presentations to the Inuit population in which Greenpeace  not only stated that seismic exploration is detrimental to marine mammals but opposed any development whatsoever in the Arctic thereby denying  economic growth for local communities.  In making these accusations Greenpeace failed to inform the Inuits of the  massive data base  that demonstrates seismic exploration does not harm marine mammals.

Greenpeace used every possible means to exploit the Inuits by  possibly drafting  letters for them to send to governmental officials as well as encouraging the use of social media and a definite move to incentivize the Inuits by a retracting its previous opposition to the hunting of marine mammals. Greenpeace, being an internationally funded and wealthy organization,  can easily overwhelm local citizens who are resource constrained.

However Greenpeace underestimated the tenacity of the  Inuit leadership personified by Nunavut MP and Arctic Council chair Leona Aglukkaq who took command of the  situation by publicly chiding  Greenpeace   by  stating:

“These groups do not base these campaigns on facts or science, but instead on what they view to be a moral high ground. The ironic part is that from their moral high ground, they completely disregard the rights and traditions of entire groups of people.”

The National Energy Board has since given the go-ahead for oil and gas exploration; a decision based on peer review, published science and rational decision-making.



























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