US Arctic Economic Council representatives named

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The Alaska State Chamber of Commerce and the Alaska Arctic Policy Commission have named Lori Davey, Bruce Harland and Gail Schubert as U.S. representatives to the Arctic Economic Council. Davey is the general manager of Fairweather LLC, Harland is vice president business development for Crowley Marine Services Inc. and Schubert is president and CEO of Bering Straits Native Corp.

Chuck Greene, vice president community and regional affairs for NANA Development Corp., is a backup representative, should one of the appointed representatives not be able to participate.

The Arctic Council, an intergovernmental forum of the eight Arctic nations, decided in May 2013 to form the Arctic Economic Council as a forum for fostering sustainable development in the Arctic, to enhance regional economic cooperation, to facilitate business development and to maximize the way in which economic development takes into account environmental protection and the need for a positive impact on Arctic communities.

In March of this year senior Arctic officials announced that they were moving forward with the Arctic Economic Council initiative, with each Arctic state and permanent participant in the Arctic Council invited to name up to three representatives to attend the Economic Council’s inaugural meeting. The Arctic Economic Council will subsequently decide on its membership, governance, structure and activities.

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