Ottawa invites private sector into Arctic monitoring project

CBC News

The federal Defence department has announced a new project that should improve its ability to “detect and track small ships, predict routes and destinations, and identify suspicious vessels, oil spills and illegal oil dumps,” according to a news release Friday.

Global communications company MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Systems Ltd. will join the National Research Council to lead the project. Other partners include the armed forces, the Coast Guard, Environment Canada, the RCMP and Transport Canada.

No further details are provided, including how much the project will cost.

The project is part of $12 million invested through the Canadian Safety and Security Program, which sought proposals last year for “innovative projects.”

Defence Minister Julian Fantino said “this innovative new project will strengthen Canada’s Arctic sovereignty and protect our environment by increasing our ability to monitor the integrity of our waters from threats such as suspicious vessels, illegal oil spills and bilge dumps, and more.”

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