Unalaska hosts Aleutian science conference

The Bristol Bay Times published an article that highlights the “Aleutian Life Forum science conference [on] Aug. 16-21, at the Grand Aleutian Hotel.” The article reads in part as follows:

“The theme is “Building resilience in the face of change,” or bouncing back and getting used to it. Numerous cultural and recreational activities round out a full week of fun and science.

The forum features guest speakers and discussions on “issues of importance to the community and seafood industry of Unalaska, topics will include sustainable fisheries, ocean acidification, vessel traffic risks and spill response, coastal hazards of erosion, inundation, contaminants and effective science communication,” according to the Unalaska City Council, which donated $3,000 for meals and other expenses.

“The Aleutian Life Forum is a conference gathering of national, state, and regional scientists, industry stakeholders, community leaders, and local knowledge holders to promote resilient communities,” according to the council resolution.

Agenda topics include sustainable fisheries in a changing climate, ocean acidification, vessel traffic risks and spill response, coastal erosion, sea ice, red king crab, sea lions, bottomtrawl surveys, plankton populations and endangered and declining species and potential causes in the Aleutians.”


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