First Arctic Science Ministers’ Confab Yields Cooperation Pledge

EOS posted an article titled, “First Arctic Science Ministers’ Confab Yields Cooperation Pledge.” The article reads in part as follows;

“Science ministers from the United States and 24 foreign governments, as well as other parties, met yesterday at the White House and agreed to cooperatively study rapid changes in the Arctic and incorporate their findings into national policies and decisions regarding the region.

The ministers asserted “the importance of improving collaborative science efforts in the Arctic” in a joint statement following the first-ever Arctic science ministerial, a gathering of high-level science diplomats. The group also announced a series of new Arctic science initiatives and milestones following the meeting.

“For the sake of the future of Arctic residents, and to improve our understanding of how changes in the Arctic will affect the rest of the planet, we intend to contribute to and enhance a shared understanding of the causes, implications, and future changes to the Arctic environment,” reads the statement issued by the eight members of the Arctic Council, including the United States and Russia, along with additional states and other parties. Those included China, India, and the United Kingdom, as well as the European Union (EU). Representatives of Arctic indigenous communities also took part in the meeting.

“We also intend to work to ensure that this increased understanding informs our national policies and decisions concerning Arctic development, commercial activity, stewardship, and the needs of the region’s residents, including Indigenous peoples,” the statement continues.”

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