White coats versus the White House

The Arctic Journal published an article titled, “White coats versus the White House.” The article reads in part as follows;

“Plenty of speculation has gone into what sort of policy, if any, Donald Trump will have towards the Arctic. Cooler heads suggest status quo is most likely. “If past is prologue, my supposition is that US policy in the Arctic is not likely to change in the next few years,” David Balton, a senior US diplomat and the chair of the Arctic Council’s senior Arctic officials, said on January 25, during Arctic Frontiers, a big conference.

Mr Balton bases his analysis on two decades of experience in the federal government. During this time he has served under four presidents, but seen very few changes in America’s approach to the region.

That Mr Trump may prove somewhat harder to read than his predecessors, particularly when it comes to science, was underscored later that same day, when the United States Arctic Research Council, which advises the White House and Congress, posted to social media an announcement that its accounts were ‘going on hiatus’.

The update was removed a few hours later and replaced by one stating that the outfit’s on-line activities would continue as before. Although the USARC did not respond to a request to explain what prompted the cryptic messages, the episode came in the wake of incidents involving other federal agencies that had been told by the new administration to curtail work related to climate change.”

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