Trump presidency leads Finland to worry about Arctic Council’s future

NunatsiaqOnline posted an article titled, “Trump presidency leads Finland to worry about Arctic Council’s future.” The article reads in part as follows;

“Finland appears to have some worries about what will happen to the Arctic Council after May, when the United States passes the chair of the circumpolar organization to Finland.

That’s because the overall Arctic policy environment has become more uncertain, particularly with respect to security, a recently-released document on the Arctic Council and Finland says.

The 95-page report, written in Finnish and entitled Finland’s chairmanship in the Arctic Council (2017-2019) in the age of change and uncertainty, reveals unease about Russia’s military intentions in the Arctic.

But it also says that U.S. President Donald Trump’s “general criticism and disparaging attitude to climate change issues” could cripple U.S. work in the Arctic Council, as the Arctic Council’s work focuses largely on climate change and how to minimize its impact and foster adaption in the Arctic.

The report also suggests that U.S. foreign policy orientation may move away from multilateralism, which sees countries working together on a given issue— and this means that the work of the Arctic Council in Washington, D.C. could suffer.

The eight-nation Arctic Council, whose other members include Canada, Denmark-Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, as well as permanent indigenous participants, relies on co-operation and consensus to support its various projects and programs.

That being said, uncertainty over the Arctic Council wasn’t among the topics mentioned by the Arctic Council in its March 10 news release on that week’s meeting of senior officials from the Arctic Council’s eight member states and six indigenous permanent participants, who met in Juneau, Alaska, in preparation for the Fairbanks ministerial meeting, which takes place May 11.”

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