Government outlined measures for implementing arctic policy

The Arctic Journal posted an article titled, “Government outlined measures for implementing arctic policy.” The article reads in part as follows;

“The Government has outlined measures for implementing Finnish arctic policy. Finland will reinforce its foreign and EU policy in the Arctic region, utilise its Arctic know-how, promote sustainable tourism and support transport and other infrastructure projects in the region. The objectives are included in the action plan for the updated Finnish Arctic Strategy adopted by the Government last week.

The action plan translates the key objectives and measures of the strategy priorities into concrete terms and defines a schedule for them when possible. A network of officials accountable for Arctic issues, coordinated by the Secretariat for Government Strategy Work, will monitor and report on the implementation of the plan.

Finland’s Chairmanship of the Arctic Council takes centre stage

It is very important for the Finnish foreign and EU policy in the Arctic Region that Finland is successful in managing the Chairmanship of the Arctic Council that starts on 11 May. Finland wants to strengthen the EU’s arctic policy and makes every effort to harness the funding and other opportunities offered by the EU in the Arctic and northern regions. Arctic policy should be made one of the priorities of the international relations of the EU.

Climate change work and the UN sustainable development goals (Agenda 2030) form the framework of the programme for Finland’s Chairmanship. Key themes include environmental protection, communications collaboration, meteorology and education.

Finland takes into account the role of indigenous peoples in Arctic cooperation. Finland also holds the Chairmanship of the Arctic Coast Guard Forum and a Finnish operator holds the Chairmanship of the Arctic Economic Council in 2017–2019. Close cooperation between different forums contributes to concrete results.”

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