As the Arctic Melts, Nations Race to Own What’s Left Behind

The Revelator published an article titled, “As the Arctic Melts, Nations Race to Own What’s Left Behind” The article reads in part as follows;

“Geopolitics in the Arctic are quickly becoming incompatible with the physical and social realities of the region.

According to NASA, the average amount of Arctic sea ice present after the summer melting season has shrunk by 40 percent since 1980. Winter sea ice has also been at record lows.

As melting ice frees up once-inaccessible sections of the frozen Arctic Ocean, the seven nations around it will have to negotiate new borders — a series of decisions that has the potential to alter the Arctic landscape and make life harder for its people and wildlife.

In 2018 these nations will attempt to answer a question with massive implications: Who owns the Arctic Ocean?

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