China & Russia In The Arctic: Axis Of Ambivalence

 PortNews published an article titled, “China & Russia In The Arctic: Axis Of Ambivalence”. The article reads in part as follows:

China and Russia are working together ever more closely in the Arctic, exploiting a policy vacuum in the US, an international panel of experts said here. But Sino-Russian cooperation is almost entirely commercial, focused on trade routes, offshore oil, telecommunications (most satellites don’t cover the Arctic), and tourism. A military alliance is unlikely given Russia’s deep ambivalence about China’s growing influence in general and their very different views on who should run the Arctic in particular: the eight circumpolar countries alone — including both Russia and the US — or a larger group that includes self-declared “near-Arctic” nations like China.

Announcing: Polar Silk Road Watch

Polar Silk Road Watch, a project of the Pan Arctic Forum, evaluates China’s compliance with the obligations it set for itself in its Arctic Policy white paper. Of particular interest to PSR Watch is China’s growing participation in:

  1. Arctic Governance.
  2. Arctic Development.