International Politics and Governance in the Arctic – An Introduction

The Arctic Institute published an article titled, “International Politics and Governance in the Arctic – An Introduction”. The article reads in part as follows:

For the first time in a German-language textbook, the history, actors, institutions, and processes of international Arctic politics and governance are analysed clearly and comprehensibly against the background of various policy fields and theories of International Relations. Questions such as “What constitutes the Arctic as a region in international relations?”, “Which actors and institutions play a role in Arctic governance?”, “What significance do resources and shipping routes have in an increasingly accessible Arctic?”, and “What environmental and safety concerns are associated with a warmer Arctic?” are at the centre of current scientific and political debates addressed in this book. It thus offers beginners as well as advanced scholars of Arctic politics and governance an orientation between the historical romanticisation of the Arctic region as no man’s land and its current characterisation as an impending conflict area.

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