Russia’s New Commanding Role in the Arctic (Op-ed)

The Moscow Times published an article titled, “Russia’s New Commanding Role in the Arctic (Op-ed)”. The article reads in part as follows:

While Russia’s economy is increasingly burdened by Western sanctions, Moscow has recently made crucial headway with a new Arctic transport corridor, which could have far-reaching economic and geopolitical consequences.

Last month, Maersk, which is the world’s largest shipping firm, made headlines by sending its first cargo ship through Russia’s Northern Sea Route. The NSR links Asia to Europe, utilizing Russian waters in the Arctic Ocean.

Moscow’s case for promoting the NSR is obvious. The route between Asia and Europe is about two weeks shorter than its Suez Canal competition. Fewer days at sea means faster delivery times and lower fuel and personnel costs. There are also fewer vessels using the NSR and with Russian policing the route, piracy is not a concern, unlike in the Suez Canal or the Malacca Strait.

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