Responsibility for the Arctic from Afar

The Arctic Institute published an article titled, “Responsibility for the Arctic from Afar”. The article reads in part as follows:

The Expert Workshop “How to Protect the Arctic from Afar” reminded everyone that the Arctic is a large and diverse place, where things are nevertheless very much interconnected. That is true for regions, activities, and ecosystems in the Arctic. It is also true for the Arctic being connected, in manifold ways, to non-Arctic countries and regions, with their patterns of land use, production, and consumption. We find the Arctic to be strongly affected by emissions, resource extraction and use, industrial activities, policies and regulations, and conservation efforts in non-Arctic areas.

The people and states outside the Arctic, including Germany, may exercise certain rights in some parts of the Arctic, notably rights of access such as innocent and sometimes transit passage in Arctic waters, but, more importantly, they also have responsibilities. They have the responsibility not to harm the Arctic and its peoples, its environment and ecosystems.

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