Arctic Council’s PAME Meets on Marine Sound Project

The Protection of the Marine Environment(“PAME”) describes itself here as:

“one of six Arctic Council working groups….PAME is the focal point of the Arctic Council’s activities related to the protection and sustainable use of the Arctic marine environment and provides a unique forum for collaboration on a wide range of activities in this regard.”

The PAME Working Group Meeting (PAME II-2019) was held from 10-12 September 2019 in Iceland. The meeting agenda included a discussion of PAME’s continuing review of marine sound, which includes “Developing Acoustic Intensity Maps for Shipping in the Circumpolar Arctic.”  The draft Statement of Work for this project states:

US stance on Arctic is ‘dangerous’, says Sweden’s foreign minister

The Financial Times published an article titled, “US stance on Arctic is ‘dangerous’, says Sweden’s foreign minister”. The article reads in part as follows:

Sweden’s foreign minister has lashed out at the US’s “sad and dangerous” approach to the Arctic, warning of a risk to decades of co-operation with the likes of Russia and China in the far north.

Margot Wallstrom told the Financial Times that US president Donald Trump’s offer to buy the Arctic island of Greenland from Denmark “sounded like a joke” and “was a shock”.