PAME II 2019 Meeting Report

The Arctic Council’s Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment (“PAME”) 2nd biannual meeting of 2019 (PAME II-2019) was held at the University of Iceland, and the island of Viðey, from 9-12 September. Monday 9 September was dedicated to pre-meetings of PAME’s five thematic expert groups (shipping, marine protected areas, ecosystem approach, marine litter, and resource exploration and development). There follows PAME’s report on “Arctic Offshore Resource Exploration and Development,” one of the topics discussed at the meeting:

“The co- leads reported on progress on development of a “Handbook” or reference tool(s) for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities based on the MEMA Part II Report (2019) and the MEMA database. The co-leads consider this to be a communications exercise and have engaged a communication specialist to scope out user needs such that the tool(s) are designed to meet those needs. Their first meeting was in Reykjavik on 8 September 2019. The co-leads will explore possible linkages between MEMA and MPA and EA work. The project on developing an update/status report on current offshore oil and gas activities by Arctic States will collect relevant information on post 2010 legislation, regulations, and practices. Arctic states have been asked to submit this information based on the survey already circulated. This will be compiled into a report or white paper and a possible fact sheet and for possible inclusion in the ASTD System.”

Click here for access to the PAMEII-2019 and all other PAME meeting reports.

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