Comment on IARPC 5-Year Arctic Research Plan

The Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC), which is chaired by the National Science Foundation, seeks public input on the content and organization of the next 5- year Arctic Research Plan: 2022–2026.  Written comments must be submitted no later than July 2, 2020.

IARPC is required by law to prepare and execute a 5-year Arctic Research Plan, which helps to coordinate the overall Federal effort in Arctic research. To address the interests and needs of all, IARPC works in partnership with representatives from local communities, Indigenous Peoples, the State of Alaska, the private sector, non-governmental organizations, research institutions, and the academic community. To date, two research Plans have been released and implemented. The current Plan, ‘‘Arctic Research Plan 2017–2021,’’ has four policy drivers and nine research goals. The current Plan is being implemented by nine collaboration teams which are co-led by program managers and researchers from IARPC agencies and individuals from the research community and Alaska Native partners.

IARPC seeks comments on its next five-year research plan. Their Federal Register notice provides specific areas to comment on. Click here for more details and relevant links.

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